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Thanksgiving and Beyond

Written by Kamuela

And so it starts. The hustle and bustle of the Holidays. We will hear more horns blaring, feel more crowds rushing and see more twinkling lights. This week they started airing the original version of Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Two weeks too soon, but it reminded me of what I really want to be thinking on Thanksgiving.

I love the moment when the Grinch’s heart suddenly grows 3 sizes larger.  It reminds me there is beauty out there that can surprise me and that my heart might suddenly expand so wide that it will fill my eyes with tears of joy.  It’s happened, perhaps because I am looking for it to happen – looking for the beauty to overwhelm me and knock me off my feet. I suffer from a constant desire to be knocked off my feet by beauty. I like my life on this sort of awe-inspired shaky ground. What I love about the Grinch is that it’s an ordinary thing that burst his heart – something the Who’s of Whoville do every year.

Which got me thinking about all the ordinary beauty all around us – the stuff we ought to say thank you for, at least in the footnotes of our days, but tend to skip by for the bolder hard stuff.  So I invite you this Thanksgiving weekend to look for the ordinary/extraordinary moments of beauty that surround you.

The patient mom with the toddler in the store, the grandmother in the market, with the list she has been using for years, gathering dinner for those she loves, the lone men sent to the baking isle, lost, but on a mission for family and dinner or the checkout person who is still smiling at 5pm – let these moments change the size of your heart.  Let them compel you like they compelled the Grinch to give an ordinary/extraordinary moment back.  Offer to help lift a heavy bag or give a silly smile to a toddler overwhelmed by the sparkle of the season, laugh with the lost guy in the isle as he finds the baking powder or give the checkout person more than the passing thank you.

On Thanksgiving let your hands do something extraordinary: pinch a pie crust, dress a table, wrap the dish you are sharing in a way that makes you happy, poke at the cranberry sauce – or my favorite – stick olives on your finger tips and wiggle them like a little kid.

Then let your heart do something extraordinary: remember a loved one, hold someone’s hand a little longer then normal, be thankful for what is in your life right now, so thankful it might make you cry and let yourself be joyful.  Let your heart suddenly grow 3 sizes larger.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Kamuela and the reFabulous Gnomes

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