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Thank You

Written by Kamuela

THANK YOU for 8 years of joy.

I will miss the world beyond the red door so much more then I can say.

Thank you for trusting me with your kids; for letting me laugh with them as they discovered the amazing things their hands could do.  Thank you for bringing them back again and again so I could see who they grew into and spend a little time getting to know what made them smile each year.

Thank you for believing that this messy studio held more then scraps of fabric and too many pins on the floor – thank for seeing what I did  – the perfect amount of messy to inspire.

Thank you for laughing with me in this chaos.  For bringing your ideas – those infant wants and desires, those moments of your inspired genius – through the door, and then trusting me to help you see them into life.

Thank you for becoming my family of friends. Thank you for making this place – this messy studio full of fabric, notions and faith the place I most want to go when I leave home.

Thank you for making my dream a reality.

Without you ReFabulous was just a place to sew – with you it was a home to create magic and laughter.


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