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This is a great way to get your teen sewing on a Saturday afternoon. We have the pattern your teens brings the fabric and their imagination to truly make the project their own.


Saturday Feb 25  1 – 4 pm 

T-Shirt Skirtt-shirt skirts

class cost:  $35

We are transforming t-shirts into FABULOUS skirts! This is a really fun class that will help you r teen see that their hands can make just about anything and that every t-shirt has at least TWO lives. If your kiddo has taken a sewing 100 this is a great next step.

materials needed: this is a great little skirt – it can be made from 2 or 3 (or 5 if you want to play with color) old t-shirts or 1.5 yards of knit fabric.  Think of this as a recycling program for all the t-shirts you never wear but sort of still like.

This class is designed to keep your teen sewing and expressing their creative nature while helping them avoid the mall.  We work with a set pattern and do some simple alterations for fit and style.  Your teen will be thrilled at the outcome of their hands work and will build the skills to tackle simple patterns on their own.





We structure this class as a Teen Sewing 103, and all students must have taken a Sewing 100, Summer Sewing 101 or After School Sewing 100 to be a part of this class.



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  • Kimono
    Wow. This class looks fun. Do you have a picture of the Kimono coat? I’m hoping Abby will come.


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