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Written by Kamuela

Are you looking for ways to nurture your child’s creative spark and feed their sense of accomplishment?

Sewing can give them the confidence to be themselves and discover their OWN Brand of FABULOUS.

 Sewing gives your teen a skill-set that allows them to express their creative nature; when they have that, they have a way to stand out that is healthy, unique and lasting. Sewing invites the imagination, while building self-confidence.  It really can change your teens life.


Saturday Morning January 27 – February 10   10:30 – 1pm

3 Saturday Mornings in row — Teen & Adult mix class.

class cost $150

• How a sewing machine works and to use it with confidence,  • How to follow a simple pattern – how to make a simple bag  • AND the details of their emerging sense of style.  • Give your child a life long skill and a greater sense of their own range of accomplishment.  •  Teen Sewing is a 4 week program, Class space is limited : to assure everyone gets the support and instruction they need. They will need a snack, creating makes you hungry.

Materials:  Students are encouraged to use the repurposed materials in the studio which are included in the class cost.  If they choose not to use what is in the shop they will need: 1.5 yards of cotton fabric that they like.

Project Runway Olympia What to do AFTER Teen Sewing 101?  Teen Project classes are held on Saturday afternoons click here to learn more.

After School Sewing 102

Teen Sewing Project


Sew Fab Design Program













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  • We would like to get a giftcard that can be used for our grandchildren for sewing classes. Our grandchildren are 8 and 11. What would you suggest.

    • We have some wonderful gift ideas for kids.
      I will give you a list of classes that are great. Kids love our sewing program.

      We offer a regular Saturday Morning hand sewing class -Make it Together – it is designed for kids and a parent to do together. Creating makes good memories together. The age range for this class is 4 – 12. We make fun little animals and other cute stuff. It is all hand sewing – no machines. cost is $20 a class (that is for a kid and adult team) http://refabulousyou.com/make-it-together/

      We also offer a teen sewing class – this is a beginning machine class. In this class we learn a little history of the sewing machine, how it works and how to correct things when they go wrong (because something always goes wrong. We also learn to pin, cut and use a pattern. Our class project is a fun reversible over the shoulder bag with a secret pocket. This class is our After School Sewing class. The class runs for 4 weeks in a row and goes from 4-6 pm. We usually start kids in this class at 9 (youngest) because it is 2 hours long and you don’t walk away with your creation until week 4. this classes are $130 each. http://refabulousyou.com/teen-sew/

      We offer a great summer program – but that might be too long to wait for a gift.

      Our other kid classes are sewing machine classes, which means she should have a beginning sewing, or some sewing experience she can lean on – if she has that, then we have a class called SEW OLY kids (http://refabulousyou.com/sew-oly-kids/) – it meets once a month on a Saturday afternoon. In this class we make fun stuffed animals and neat toys – kids love it. It is $35. We also offer a sewing 102 class for teens (http://refabulousyou.com/after-school-teen-sewing-102/) – we learn to use a commercial pattern in this class. It is offered every other month and meets 4 weeks in a row 4-6pm. $130

      Hope this helps,
      If I can help more please feel free to call me at the studio (360)489-1852
      Kamuela Klemmer
      owner refabulous

  • Is this the class necessary to take prior to registering for the summer doll project? If so, what day/time is it ?

    • Hi Annie,
      For the summer Doll class we are requiring that each student have taken at least a beginner sewing class. It can be either our after school sewing program (which we are now done with until Sept.) OR one of our tween or teen Summer Sewing classes. The link to class times and dates is here: http://refabulousyou.com/tween-summer-sewing/ The doll project is really fun and I am sure your child will be very happy with her creation, but it does require knowing how to use the sewing machine. Our Tween Summer Sewing program is for kids 9 – 12, we learn how a sewing machine works and how to use it and handle the little things that go wrong – because stuff does go wrong sometimes :). In the process of learning how to use the sewing machine we make a great bag that will be prefect for summer stuff, it even has a secret pocket built in. If you have any further questions please give us a call at (360) 489-1852 or drop another email. thanks Kamuela

    • Hello Teri
      I am so sorry for any confusion this has caused, I thought I removed the class weeks ago when I realized I had a conflict this month on Thursdays. Our After School Teen class is a WEDNESDAY class this month (not Thursday like it said until 1pm today)
      Class is actually Wednesday March 12 – Apr 2, 4 – 6pm.
      and Tuesday afternoons March 25 – April 22 4 – 6pm.
      Both these After School classes still have opening. I am thinking this must be hold over from when Mercury was in retrograde, usually the computer and I are good at getting it right.
      If you have any other questions please contact us again or give us a call at (360) 489-1852.

  • Just wanted to let you know how excited I am for my daughter ( age 12) to take part in your April classes!

  • Will you have a teen class on June 16,23,30 ? If yes what will it be? How much is it? Its for my granddaughter age 12.

Daily Rates

Everyone is welcome to play in the creative surf.  We offer a day rate (4 hours) $25 and a Creative Punch Cards that let you be master of your OWN Creative Time. Design Program Punch Cards are $80 for 10 hours of mentored sew time.

ReFabulous Hours

Refabulous will be closed for Pre-Summer Prep until June 20.

You can sign up for camps an classes online

June 20 – 25

our class times do not always run during studio hours

Wednesday 6-9pm

Thurs – Friday  2-6 pm

Saturday  12-4

Alterations hours

Thursday & Friday 3-6  &  Saturday 1-3

or by appointment call (360) 489-1852

Design Program Hours

Wednesday 6-9pm

Thurs & Friday  2-6 pm

Summer hours start June 25

Camps will run Mon – Friday 10 – 4:30

general hours for questions and class sign ups Monday – Friday 11 – 2


Weds Evening 6 -9 & Friday 11 – 3

& Saturday by appointment call (360) 489-1852

Open Sew/Design Program Times

Wed 6 -9pm  &  Saturday 1 – 3



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