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Skirt of the Month

Written by Kamuela

Ever Wondered what it would like to have a skirt that fit perfectly?

Come MAKE one and feel the JOY!

We will walk you through all the tricks.

We construct a skirt most months, and we make it LOTS of fun.
A few hours of sewing and camaraderie, and you will have a ONE OF A KIND skirt of your own.  If your don’t finish up in class we had a ‘finish up card’ for $5 that gets you the help and time you need on either Wednesday evening or Friday afternoon.  We want you to love what you make!   Join us and be Sew Happy!

Saturday, May 6, 1 – 4pm

Swich-A-Roo Skirt

We made this years ago and now I see the true fabulous-ness of it – how many days can I wear this in a row!  (with a toddler in the house this is a very good thing).  It is a skirt with a lot of fun in the front – great place to play with color or texture – and it switches color from the outside to the inside with a simple re-tie.  really comfy and very fun to wear.  sewing level: beginner and up.

class cost $40

materials needed:  I yard of each color fabric and thread to match.



June 3

July 8

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  • When you say “woven” fabric, do you mean something heavier than a calico/quilt fabric?
    In my head, all fabric is woven. Where is a good place to buy clothes fabric instead of craft fabric?

    • Hello Christy,
      Thanks for your questions. For this class a mid-to-heavy weight fabric will work best as it will take a little more wear. When I say woven fabric I am saying no knits -stretchy fabric. I am referring to the method in which it was made. As for your big question – where to go to get garment fabric instead of craft fabric. wow.
      I have a few suggestions: A few of the quilt stores in Olympia and Tumwater have fabulous mid-weight cotton, I love Ruby Street Quilts in Tumwater, the folks there are wonderful and walking in there is like walking into a garden of color and print. Canvas works, in down town Olympia, carries wonderful fabrics, some really beautiful mid-weight and even some lovely wool. And Joann’s has started to carry more garment fabric then in years past, but I always suggest folks go in there prepared: have a few hours to spend looking and standing in line, be well rested and coffeed up and with your a pockets full of coupons. If you are traveling outside our fair town, Portland is rich with choices – starting with Fabric Depot and Mill Ends and Seattle has several great garment options as well. You could also go the way I do and shop at the local Thrift shops and yard sales for your fabric. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask away.
      Have a fabulous day.

  • I am planning on taking the May 11 class with my mother. What will we need to bring? I am also a size 26 will I need a special pattern?

  • I just signed up for the a-line class and I’m very excited. Never having taken a class with you you guys before, could you please give me the full rundown of what I need to bring, including equipment, how much fabric, which notions? Thanks a million.

  • Is this the skirt that is being made in March, the description on the calendar is different. I thought this one was made last month. I am interested in taking the class this month, but I want to make sure I have the right materials.

    • Janea,
      You are right – I got carried away with my naming this month (opps 🙂 ) thanks for letting me see how confusing this is. I carried the same skirt over into the first week of March. The photo is of the Feb. skirt. – – I will have a photo of the Fabulous Wonderland skirt up very soon. The Fabulous Wonderland Skirt: Fabulous and flirty this a must for any gal who tends to run a little late and has a bit of Alice in or the Queen of Hearts in her! A tiered skirt with lots of ruffles and fabulous fullness, for which you need will need 3 yards of light weight fabric, a 7′ zipper and thread to match, is
      This class is offered: Tuesday March 13 and Saturday March 24

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