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Sewing Skill Levels – Find YOUR perfect fit class.

Written by Kamuela

Welcome to the world of sewing. 

No matter your skill we have a class that will fit you just FAB. 

These are skill levels for our adult classes only.

For our kid classes go to get your child sewing we have kids classes for little ones as young as 5 if you come with them and from 6.5 and up they can be part of our SEW OLY kids program.  

Find YOUR perfect fit:

Learning to Sew: You wish you knew how to sew. Maybe you have a sewing machine in a box in a closet somewhere, or you have never really touched one or it been years since your home economics class. You are a little nervous to try on your own but are willing to give it a shot in a class.  

Beginner: You can sew in a straight line most of the time. You’ve taken a class or two and are starting to feel comfortable with the machine — you know what seam allowance is, maybe you’ve sewn a little on your own, but you still need a little help with remembering how to thread the machine and wind a bobbin. The prerequisite for any Beginner class is a Sewing 101 class or equivalent. This level is not for people who have never used a sewing machine before. 

Advanced Beginner.  You feel comfortable with the basics and are ready to try more challenging waters. You’re still fairly new to sewing from patterns and could use help manipulating the patterns to fit your body. You want to add some new skills into the mix; like zippers, finish and detail work.

Intermediate:  You’re comfortable reading a pattern and have made a few garments you like. You would like to learn different methods of zipper installation or how to alter your patterns. You’re venturing into more complicated patterns; like lined garments, collars, zippered fly.  These classes move a little faster.

Advanced: You use a pattern as the starting point, and build your our style from there. You want to learn to draft patterns and do more complicated alterations and detailed work.  You see sewing as a passion and love a good challenge.

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  • Good Afternoon,

    After visiting your website, I did not see where I could sign up for a Sewing 101 class in Aug or September (it still shows the May schedule). Can you please let me know what days your next adult class is and what the cost is? Also, do I bring my own sewing machine, or do I use yours? Do I need to bring any notions or fabric? Thank you in advance for your help.

    Christina Yoon
    360-402-9822 (okay to leave a detailed message).

  • Interested In getting my daughters in some seeing classes (Ages 16, 15, 12, and 10). Preferable on a same time schedule or day.

    Thank you,
    Sarah D

  • Hi, I’m interested in beginners classes and I would like to find out the days and times available because I wasn’t sure from the website. Thanks. Sincerely yours, Dawn Elizabeth.

    • Good Morning Dawn,
      We offer two beginning sewing options most months.
      these are our March Sewing 101 classes

      Monday Evenings March 9-23 6:30-9pm 3 Monday evenings in a row March 10 – 24

      and Friday Mornings : Friday Morning March 20 – April 2 10:30 – 1pm

      I hope this helps with your process and if you have any questions just give us a call. (360) 489- 1582
      If you would like to sign up of either of these two classes you can do so with us in person, or of the phone or on our website:
      here is the link http://refabulousyou.com/learn-to-sew-in-just-weeks/

      thank you for your interest and we hope to make something fabulous with you soon,
      Kamuela Klemmer
      owner/lead instructor refabulous

Daily Rates

Everyone is welcome to play in the creative surf.  We offer a day rate (4 hours) $25 and a Creative Punch Cards that let you be master of your OWN Creative Time. Design Program Punch Cards are $80 for 10 hours of mentored sew time.

ReFabulous Hours

Camps will run Mon – Friday 10 – 4:30

general hours for questions and class sign ups Monday – Friday 11 – 2


Weds Evening 6 -9 & Friday 11 – 3

& Saturday by appointment call (360) 489-1852

Open Sew/Design Program Times

Wed 6 -9pm  &  Saturday 1 – 3



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