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Sewing 102: Working a with Pattern

Written by Kamuela

In Sewing 102 We Tackle Beginner Patterns and WIN!Fabulous Pants!

How to be sure of this class is right for you — can you use a sewing machine and do you feel confident sewing a straight line?  If not, take a look at our Beginning Sewing Class Sewing 101. If you can answer yes with confidence and want to learn to use a commercial pattern but they still seem like a whole other language  — then this is the class is for you!  We make using patterns easy, fun and repeatable.  Call (360) 489-1852 or click below to sign up

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Sewing 102: I made this skirt!

Thursday Evening  March 9 – 23  6:30 – 9pm

3 Thursday evenings in a row

Thursday Evening  April 13 – 27 6:30 – 9pm

3 Thursday evenings in a row 

Thursday Evening May 25 – June 8 6:30 – 9pm

3 Thursday evenings in a row 

Wednesday Afternoon May 31 – June 14 1:30 – 4pm

3 Wednesday afternoons in a row

This Class includes a 6 hour punch card; just enough time to trace out one more pattern from our collection and work it in the studio.  Fabulous!

In this class you will learn how to read and use a pattern.

  • How to buy your CORRECT size,
  • How to understand the ‘language of a pattern’
  • How to use all the funny symbols printed all over it.
  • How to install a zipper

We will also start to tackle the difficult conversations of

  • style and body shape,
  • fabric texture and drape
  • and how to work a garment with repurposed fabrics

After three weeks you will go home with a skirt or a pair of pants you can wear with pride and the confidence to work a simple pattern on your own.








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  • Camuela, I am so happy with my market bag!! I’m thankful you were there to make it happen! I really had a *fabulous* experience and you are just the sweetest person! I loved getting to know you a bit. Thank you sooo much and I will see you in October! All best wishes for you and your family.

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Everyone is welcome to play in the creative surf. We offer Creative Punch Cards that let you be master of your OWN Creative Time. Creative Punch Cards are $50 and give you 10 hours of sew time. Design Program Punch Cards are $80 for 10 hours of mentored sew time.

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