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Sewing 101 and 102 – Let your hands make something Fabulous

Written by Kamuela

Our sewing programs will help you find your creative grove.  We can help you transform a living room with simple pillows and curtains or design for the REAL YOU by remaking your closet.  Sewing opens doors to creative possibilities – come discover what creative looks like on you.

Sewing 101 – Beginning Sewing

Our beginning program is designed to create a little awe for the sewing machine and a great deal of wow I did it for you!  We start with the machine basics and move into designing and making a simple bag.  Beginning Sewing gives you the tools you need to make simple projects and the confidence to move your sewing forward.  And its fun.

Sewing 102  – Tackling Beginner Patterns!

For those who know how to use a sewing machine and feel confident sewing a straight line, BUT sewing patterns still seem like a whole other language.  We help you see that using a pattern can be both easy and fun.  We also tackle the hard topics like size, shape and why nothing you buy EVER really fits, which help you transform your closet into stuff you want to wear.  You will leave this class with a new understanding of fit for you, a pair of pants or skirt that REALLY fit and a whole new skill set that you can take to everything you own.

Basic Alterations Class 200:

Want to know why your clothes don’t fit and feel right? They were designed that way.   You read right … they were designed to leave you wanting more, if you long for more you SHOP more, because you are not satisfied with what you have.  Pretty good design if you are on the selling end.   This class is designed to change the cycle – its is designed to give you a way to satisfaction. Are you Ready to love your closet and feel great in the clothes you already own?

Sewing 201: Fitting a Pattern to YOU. 201: Fitting a Pattern to YOU

This class is PERFECT for the sewer who feels sure around a sewing machine and knows how to read a pattern BUT still struggles with fit and wants the skills and courage to altering patterns so they work.   Knowing your fit is the key to getting all your projects to fit well.   You will leave with a fitted shell and pattern that hugs your curves and is a fabulous building block for everything you make next.  What makes this class great is what you DO with what you learn.


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Everyone is welcome to play in the creative surf.  We offer a day rate (4 hours) $25 and a Creative Punch Cards that let you be master of your OWN Creative Time. Design Program Punch Cards are $80 for 10 hours of mentored sew time.

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