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Serger Lessons: Learn to use your machine.

Yes we have a class that can get you using that Serger!!

Serge machines are great and they are are a challenge.  Ah isn’t that the mark of something worth learning.  Give us a call at (360) 489-1852 and we will get you on good terms with your serger.

Basic machine use for sergers.  We offer this as one-on-one classes. You bring your serger and we help you work the threading and the stitching options. Every serger has its own personality and we try to help you two be friends. Once you are comfortable with way your machine works its uses and usefulness are endless.  BUT you gotta be friends first, so we spend a lot if time threading and working with different fabrics to see how the tension changes and basically getting your machine in your hands. We offer a free latte with this one-on-one class because you will want a reward for your time in.

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  • I had an older Bernette serger and used it mostly for seaming. I know have a slightly less old Kenmore that has a differential feed. I would like to get comfortable using decorative thread and just knowing more about this machine. I couldn’t find a class schedule so if you could help with this kind of education, I’d love it!

  • i am interested in learning how to use my serger. I was wondering what you charge or if you have certain classes that you offer? I am totally new to sewing and I bought a serger first so I really need to learn the basics. Thanks talk to you soon!

    • We offer private serger classes at $30 an hour – we start with just an hour – we help you make friends with your machine, by teaching you to thread it and how to control all the dials and tensions. You can give us a call at (360) 489-1852 to set up a private lesson.
      Your situation is a little tricky because you don’t know how to sew YET, we can help you with that – we have one more sewing 101 class that starts this coming Monday evening– Monday Night May 25 – June 8 6:30 – 9pm — it runs 3 weeks and is $130 – but you will know how to sew by the end of the class. This is our last beginner class before summer starts, we pick up the adult program again in September. you can check out what the class entails at this link
      have a fabulous day
      owner refabulous

  • I have a White Serger 734DW that I would like help with. I have never really learned how to use it.

    • Anne,
      We can help you learn to use your machine. Give us a call (360) 489-1852 and we can set a private class and get you and your serger on friendly terms. We will work with threading, tension and different types of fabrics. After an hour or so you will at the very least be on a first name bases with your White 734D. Look forward to hearing from you

      1025 Black Lake Blvd 2D
      Olympia, WA 98502
      (360) 489-1852

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Everyone is welcome to play in the creative surf.  We offer a day rate (4 hours) $25 and a Creative Punch Cards that let you be master of your OWN Creative Time. Design Program Punch Cards are $80 for 10 hours of mentored sew time.

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