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Written by Kamuela

This NEW class offers the quieter side of sewing: hand craft – sans machine.  We will be playing with different hand stitches – from the familiar to the unique – and making truly beautiful craft. We will be playing with fiber and all a little roving and a sharp needle can do.

While these classes are on the quiet side – meaning no machines or fast moving bits – we promise you will enjoy the company of the other creatives in the room and it we are certain you will find yourself laughing at least a little.

Saturday March 25, 1 – 3 pm

Learn the Art of Sashiko *DEAL OF THE MONTH*

This quiet art can transform a need for mending into a piece of art.   We like to think of this as making the imperfections beautiful – so much like life – join us and feel the art of embracing imperfection as a pathway to art and expression.

So grab that hole-y pair of jeans or your much loved sweater that has a few tatters at the elbows and make them imperfectly beautiful.

cost $15

Sashiko is so beautiful.  Simple lines – Clean design – it makes our eyes happy and our hearts bubble up a little.  We have all the materials you will need to learn this beautiful art.  Join us and learn a skill that will fill your heart and hands.


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Everyone is welcome to play in the creative surf. We offer Creative Punch Cards that let you be master of your OWN Creative Time. Creative Punch Cards are $50 and give you 10 hours of sew time. Design Program Punch Cards are $80 for 10 hours of mentored sew time.

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Saturday 1 - 3
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Wednesday Evenings 6:00 – 9pm
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Friday afternoons 4 - 7 pm

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