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Basic Alterations Class 200

Written by Kamuela

Are you Ready to love your closet and feel great in the clothes you already own?

ever wondered why your clothes don’t fit and feel right … its not you … they were designed that way.

You read right … they were designed to leave you wanting more, if you long for more you SHOP more, because you are not satisfied with what you have.  Pretty good design if you are on the selling end.   This class is designed to change the cycle – its is designed to give you a way to satisfaction.

In this class we are going to save your closet and get you loving how you look. 

We are going to combine some basic sewing and with our trusted alterations skills and turn your closet into a place you love.  You have already made the investment in the stuff hanging there, now take it the next step and make it all fit you.  After this class you will have a different relationship with your clothes and your body.

Sept 28 – Oct 12   Thursday Afternoons:  2:30 – 5 pm

whole class cost $120

In this class we will be tackling a type of garment each meeting.  Then you go home and alter each group in your closet to fit YOU at your own pace.  Each week you will being in a garment from that weeks group and we will make it fit your body.   In the process you will learn what really fits, feels and look good on you.

Sept 28 – Jeans / pants – more then hems.

We can make your jeans or pants fit like you dream of them fitting, and then you can go home and do it to all your pants. $45

Oct 5 – Tops

get fit right by moving the shoulder, tapering the back or adjusting the fall of a top and then make all your tops fit like you spent a fortune. $45

Oct 12 – Dresses

adjust the proportions your dresses look like they were made for you. $45

You have been wearing clothes forever, you know the way you wished they fit, lets get them feeling like that.

Sewing level:  Beginner: You can sew in a straight line most of the time. You’ve taken a class or two and are starting to feel comfortable with the machine — you know what seam allowance is, maybe you’ve sewn a little on your own, but you still need a little help with remembering how to thread the machine and wind a bobbin. The prerequisite for any Beginner class is a Sewing 101 class or equivalent. This level is not for people who have never used a sewing machine before.


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