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Written by Kamuela

(re)Fabulous: We can help you Be SEW happy.

(re)fabulous is the place to play and find the creative in YOU. We are committed to green-inspired projects with such a passion that it will make you think twice about what you are tossing out. We offer classes, community and inspiration mixed with examples of how fabulous repurposed creating can be.

Our classes are inspired by what makes us smile and the joy we get when everyone leaves just a bit happier.  We believe when you work with other people your work is richer, your time is better spent and you are made happier by the process.

It is our mission to help you cultivate your own sense of style and give you the confidence to weave your creative impulses into the fabric of who you are.

Join the new sewing revolution – let us help you make something fabulous!

We offer classes for everyone from 4 and up – if you can thread a needle or ask someone to help you get one threaded this place is for you!

Our kids classes are designed to teach simple handwork skills, ignite creativity and invite out the confidence of “I am Creative” in every child. We offer a Saturday Morning Make-it-Together class so you can be part of their joy.

Fabulous Teens modeling skits they made!Our Tween and Teen classes move kids onto the sewing machines and into the world where they can begin to define themselves by what their hands and their creative ideas can do.


Our Adult classes are designed for the adult learner. This is not your high school Home Ec Classes; we laugh, we seam rip and everyone learns to sew.

 Refabulous is a great place to find yourself.


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Daily Rates

Everyone is welcome to play in the creative surf.  We offer a day rate (4 hours) $25 and a Creative Punch Cards that let you be master of your OWN Creative Time. Design Program Punch Cards are $80 for 10 hours of mentored sew time.

ReFabulous Hours

Spring Studio Hours

class times do not always run during studio hours

Tuesday – Friday  2:00 – 6 pm

Wednesday evening 6- 9pm

Saturday  11 – 4

Alterations Hours

Tues – Fri 2:30 – 6  &  Saturday 11 – 3:30

or by appointment call (360) 489-1852

Design Program Hours

Wednesday 2 – 9pm

Thursday & Friday  2 – 6 pm
Friday afternoons 3 – 6 pm *New for Teens*

We also offer private classes and parties (groups and individual) call for rates and available times.

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