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Hours and Open Sew Times

Spring Hours come in to see the studio, take a class or have a Latte Sunday / Monday: Closed Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday: 2 – 9 pm Friday: 2 – 6 pm Saturday: 10:30 am – 5 pm Open Sew Times SEW OLY Punch Card Holders and Day Pass Users Bring your own project [...]

Teen/Tween Sewing

Get Your Child Sewing!

We think sewing – be it hand work or by machine – improves the creative spirit of every child.  We are so committed to this end that we offer LOTS of kids classes – at least 2 a week!  Below are a list of these classes, their links and the age group they are fit [...]


sewing Books

Sewing Skill Levels – Find YOUR perfect fit class.

Welcome to the world of sewing.  No matter your skill we have a class that will fit you just FAB.  These are skill levels for our adult classes only. For our kid classes go to get your child sewing we have kids classes for little ones as young as 5 if you come with them [...]


YES! We do alteration

 And we do a fabulous job. (re)fabulous has a mission to save great stuff from being tossed,and sometimes the best way to do that is to take what you love and make it fit YOU. Bring us pants that drag, tops that is not just right, the suit that are too snug, dresses that are [...]


sewing 101 great bags - big smiles

Adult Sewing 101: Beginning Sewing

A great way to get more CREATIVE into your life! Sewing 101 and 102 classes Our Beginning Sewing programs give students a little more time and a lot more detail.  We think this makes for fabulous results.  Look at their smiles – Fabulous results.  Sewing 101: Beginning Sewing   Class Cost $120 (re)fabulous SEWING 101 classes [...]

Kids Camp Happy

Summer Sewing Camps for Kids and Teens!

Summer program dates and times ARE HERE!!! Its going to be a FABULOUS summer.  Together with the Gnomes we  will be making things, laughing and becoming creative masters!  Take a look at our programs and dates.  Classes are already starting to fill so grab a spot for your child NOW.  If you ave any questions [...]

Teen Sewing: Project Runway OLY

We have all seen the TV show – the drama, the fast pace and finally the fashion project. Project OLY is all about the PROJECT.  We are going to move at a human pace and support each other to create the projects we dream of – NO stress, NO drama. AND then were are going [...]

two sweet girls and two bunnies


This series of classes is designed for a young creative (5-11) and an adult to create together.  Think of it as making memories one stitch at a time!  Classes are simple and everyone walks out Sew Happy! We offer a ‘Make It Together’ class most every Saturday: 10:30-12:30pm. $20 for adult with child under 8 [...]

SEW OLY Kid: Silly Stuffed Bunny July 19 2014


A once a month Saturday afternoon class for Kids 6.5 – 11. In this class we make fabulous things from repurposed stuff, we build 3D thinking, give kids needed creative play and invite them to see their world as creative inspiration …  and have them laughing the whole 2 hours. Saturday, May 10  1 – [...]

Fabulous super hero pants

Sewing 102 Working a with Pattern

In Sewing 102 we Tackle Beginner Patterns and WIN! So you know how to use a sewing machine and you feel confident sewing a straight line, but do sewing patterns still seem like a whole other language? If so, then this class is for you! We make using patterns easy and fun. Call (360) 489-1852 [...]


Teen Sewing

After School Sewing Tweens and Teens 101

Are you looking for ways to nurture your child’s creative spark and feed their sense of accomplishment? Sewing can give them the confidence to be themselves and discover their OWN Brand of FABULOUS. After School Sewing cost $120 all fabric is included April Class:4 Thursday afternoons,  April 17 – May  8  4-6pm TWEEN & TEEN [...]

201: Fitting a Pattern to YOU

Sewing 201: Fitting a Pattern to YOU

Looking for the Next Steps after Sewing 101 and 102. Sewing 201 and 202 make the transition from new-be-sewer to one who says “I made it” proudly. Sewing 201: Fitting a Pattern to YOU. This class is PERFECT for the sewer who feels sure around a sewing machine and knows how to read a pattern [...]

Creative SEW OLY

We live in a special sort of town, a little odd, a lot wet and creative in so many ways.  Creative SEW OLY is a class designed to feed your creative soul.  We will be working on invitingly silly and often times practical projects that will allow our creative spirit a chance come out and [...]

Teen Sewing 102

After School Teen Sewing 102

In Teen Sewing 102 we begin making things your teen can wear!   We work with a commercial pattern and make a garment that they can be proud of. Student must have taken a teen sewing 101 class. Classes Wednesday afternoons  April 23 – May 14   4 – 6pm After School 102 give the student [...]