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Open Sew

Open Sew Hours and Information Open Sew time is good for your Creative Soul! (re)fabulous offers a place to play and create with big tables, good light and great company. We believe when you work with other people your work is richer, your time is better spent and you are made happier by the process. […]

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Sewing Skill Levels – Find YOUR perfect fit class.

Welcome to the world of sewing.  No matter your skill we have a class that will fit you just FAB.  These are skill levels for our adult classes only. For our kid classes go to get your child sewing we have kids classes for little ones as young as 5 if you come with them […]


Teen/Tween Sewing

Get Your Child Sewing!

We think sewing – be it hand work or by machine – improves the creative spirit of every child.  We are so committed to this end that we offer LOTS of kids classes – at least 2 a week!  Below are a list of these classes, their links and the age group they are fit […]

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Hours and Open Studio Times

Studio Hours: Tuesday – Friday 2-6pm Saturday 1-4pm Class Hours may overlap with our Studio Hours and also include: Monday – Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings Refabulous is making a few Happy changes in the next two month!  We are adding a new member to our sewing community -BABY Samuel Klemmer! We are transitioning into […]


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Sewing 101 and 102 – Let your hands make something Fabulous

Our sewing programs will help you find your creative grove.  We can help you transform a living room with simple pillows and curtains or design a who new you by remaking your closet.  Sewing opens doors to creative possibilities – come discover what creative looks like on you. Sewing 101 – Beginning Sewing Our beginning […]

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Skirt of the Month

Wondered what it would like to have a skirt that fit perfectly?  Come MAKE one and feel the JOY! We will walk you through all the tricks. We construct a skirt most months, and we make it LOTS of fun. A few hours of sewing and camaraderie, and you will have a ONE OF A KIND […]

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Adult Sewing 101: Beginning Sewing

 Get more CREATIVE into your life! Our Beginning Sewing programs give students fabulous results.   (re)fabulous sewing 101 & 102 classes are a fun way to get your hands and your ideas working together.  We promise you will laugh and be creative, and you may wonder why you waited so long to learn to sew. Sewing […]

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Teen Sewing Project

T-Shirt Skirt Saturday,  October 10   1- 4pm T-shirt skirt – this is a fabulous skirt. class cost:  $40  Perfect for the teen who has her own style.  We take 1, 2,3 or 4 t-shirts and transform them into a skirt that speaks your teens personality!   Let your teen walk away with a great skirt and […]

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Make it / Wear it

  Make it today- Wear it tomorrow Transform a never-worn T-Shirt into a FAB Skirt! Saturday May 23rd  1 -3pm We are making something Awesome! We are doing this class again – I love this skirt SO so much.  It is so fabulous I wear mine at least once a week! class cost includes some […]

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This series of classes is designed for a young creative (4-11) and an adult to create together.  Think of it as making memories one stitch at a time!  Classes are simple and everyone walks out Sew Happy! We offer ‘Make It Together’ class on Saturdays: 10:30-12:30pm. $25 for adult with child To add an extra […]


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We are looking for CREATIVE teammates!

We are growing and a few extra hands around the studio. we currently looking to fill two positions: alterations person and studio assistant. Alterations position: Hours: part time moving into more hours as the program grows. compensation: will be negotiated If you love to sew – and you know how to hem and do alterations […]

Teen Sewing

After School Sewing Tweens and Teens 100

Are you looking for ways to nurture your child’s creative spark and feed their sense of accomplishment? Sewing can give them the confidence to be themselves and discover their OWN Brand of FABULOUS.  Sewing gives your teen a skill-set that allows them to express their creative nature; when they have that, they have a way […]

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Sewing 102 Working a with Pattern

In Sewing 102 We Tackle Beginner Patterns and WIN! So you know how to use a sewing machine and you feel confident sewing a straight line, but do sewing patterns still seem like a whole other language? If so, then this class is for you! We make using patterns easy and fun. Call (360) 489-1852 […]

201: Fitting a Pattern to YOU

Sewing 201: Fitting a Pattern to YOU

Looking for the Next Steps after Sewing 101 and 102. Sewing 201 and 202 make the transition from new-be-sewer to one who says “I made it” proudly. Sewing 201: Fitting a Pattern to YOU. This class is PERFECT for the sewer who feels sure around a sewing machine and knows how to read a pattern […]